Wienerabend (Vienna Ball)Youth Ticket - ages 12 and under

Wienerabend (Vienna Ball)Youth Ticket - ages 12 and under

Wienerabend (Vienna Ball) admission ticket for youth aged 12 and under. EOUV Club November 16, 2019.

Ticket includes child portion of dinner, seating at table to performance and dancing to Fred Ziwich and the ISM until midnight

  • Ticket Policy

    Tickets will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service upon receipt of completed payment.

    By attending this Event the ticket holder ("Holder" assumes all risk and danger incidental to the Event, and all other activities, before, during or after the Event, including, but not limited to, the danger of being injured, property damage or loss ("Risks"), and further acknowledges that attendance at the Event is voluntary, and hereby releases to the furthest extent permitted by law, the EOUV Club, and all entities and affiliated Organizations associated with the EOUV Club together with their respective officers, members and employees for injuries or loss of personal property resulting from such Risks or any incidents associated with the Event by perceived or actual negligence. If Holder is accompanying a minor(s) to the Event, by allowing the minor(s) to attend the Event with Holder, Holder is deemed to have given all of the foregoing releases and waivers on behalf of such minor(s). If Holder does not wish to or is not authorized to grant such releases and waivers on behalf of the accompanied minor(s), Holder should immediately accompany the minor(s) out of the EOUV property. The Holder and any accompanying minor(s) are admitted to the Event on condition that the Holder consents to the releases contained herein.